Once a company finds their marketing channel where they can achieve traction, it is incumbent upon that company to seek out and establish and second, third, or fourth effective marketing channel. Otherwise a slight shift in the marketing landscape can spell doom for them.

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Are your marketing costs going up year-on-year?

When you begin an inbound marketing program, simply creating content in an unsaturated niche will result in awareness that will bring in the “low-hanging fruit.” The sales “friction” is very low. These customers have been waiting for a company like you to come along with helpful content and now that they are aware of you, they’re eager to learn more.

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How do you measure return on investment?

To measure the return on investment or ROI of your SEO campaigns, utilize the information aggregated from Positionly and Google Analytics to pull through the data and analyze patterns in traffic, increases in links, sustainable traffic and above all, increases in revenue.

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