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Its’s been less than 2 decades since the iPhone was invented, and yet, today’s living experience cannot be separated from the smartphone. The same is said of electric vehicles, poised to reshape how we get ourselves around.

Art trade is not spared the accelerated pace. A few years from now, when UPS, FedEx, Uber (?) and others figure out driverless transportation, everything will ship at the speed of information.

This is why online art sales cannot be ignored, and galleries who do, so at their peril. Imagine the new home buyer who collects art. Just like UberEats, they will pull up their smartphone, aim it at placement site, pick a piece that fits, and place an order with expectation that is is delivered in minutes to hours (Are you thinking drones? We are!)

The future is upon us, and you are invited to be part of it. Here is a great quote from Hiscox.

Online art market sales up despite slowing global art market. Online art market sales reached an estimated $3.75 billion in 2016, up 15% from 2015. This gives the online art market an 8.4% share of the overall art market, up from 7.4% in 2015. Online art sales are dominated by pieces priced below $5,000. The future battleground for the online art market is likely to remain in the lower price range. According to the latest survey, 79% of online art buyers spend less than $5,000 per piece when buying art online, up from 78% in 2016 and 67% in 2015. –2017 – A market yet to awaken – The Hiscox Online Art Trade Report

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