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When we surveyed hundreds of galleries, we found style, substance and ROI to be the biggest driving force in choosing an unrepresented artist. So we asked ourselves, what if we could give galleries the edge in knowing which styles are in fashion that meet their lifetime value objectives.

The unique approach we took at Teetra has turned new artist discovery on its head.

  1. First, unrepresented artists take pictures to promote their works on Teetra.
  2. Next, interested buyers make offers, and choose your gallery to trade the work at.
  3. Finally, you get a commission on the sale, get introduced to the artist and the buyer.

When this loop repeats over and over again, you get to know how effective your representation investment will be, and can choose to sign the artist or not. Whether you do, your gallery remains the center of art trade for both the buyer and seller.

Try Teetra today

Download Teetra today and begin browsing works nearby. You will be able to bring your collections online for direct sale to our buyer communities, explore unrepresented artists, and access modern art technologies to drive your sales performance.

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