Live video is everywhere. Live content can help you stand out from the crowd when plenty of brands are still relying on social scheduling. Instant live video notifications actively encourage all your followers to view your content as it’s being created, and gives them the perfect opportunity to engage with you by leaving live comments, interacting with your content wherever they are in the world.

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An Ecosystem of Exchange

The point is that the real relationship between galleries at different price tiers is not competitive—it’s symbiotic. Without smaller galleries developing lesser-known artists and novice collectors, the top tier of the market will lose the feeder system on which it depends for long-term growth.

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The online marketplace is changing the game in a big way.

Auction houses are feeling pressured by smaller online auction platforms and new online marketplaces for selling art. Young collectors are open to risky, new endeavors, and are turning to social media to research new trends, engage with artists, and purchase artwork. Collectors, in general, find these new online technologies easier to engage directly with artists and find investment-worthy pieces at affordable prices.

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