We know technology has changed the way you do business from how you attract collectors to your events, process billing and accounting, ship purchases to collectors, and so much more.

Copyright Management

Did you know blockchain is poised to revolutionize copyright management for the art world? This is the same technology which gave us bitcoin, but better purposed for handling rights in many areas including asset titles, banking collateral checks, and today, art works.

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Augmented Reality

Bringing your products into the placement sites collectors choose is a radical revolution in buying decisions. Billions of dollars today target this technology to enable product decisioning, collaboration enhancements, and medical and security improvements. For art, AR promises the next level in product interaction for your clients.

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Machine Learning

Did you know computers are now painting art works, and composing music? Google trained computers with a database of art works, and unleashed their learning models to make new art. At Teetra, we use the same technology to tell you which works are similar to each other, and scan the internet to let you know whether people and events have impacted the value of your art.

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